The FRAMAR brand is born, depicted by a stylized ladder and an ironing board propping up the world: since then, these products have represented the brand’s main priorities.

The company’s steel ladders with a beech wood top step are born, together with the demountable ‘Ketty’ swing

Armando Testa creates the winged elephant logo and completes the first advertising campaign aimed at the end consumer.

‘Piuma’ is launched – the first ladder made of aluminium.

The first ironing boards made of pressed sheet metal are born (previously made in wood), together with the Tuttacciaio (‘All steel’) step stool.

The ‘Major’ steel step stool is born, as is the first chrome-plated ironing board ‘Vapocash’.

The aluminium ladder ‘Europiuma’ is born.

Framar’s brand positioning is completely revamped, including institutional and product communication and new packaging.

Framar's ironing boards becomes SURF

Launch of Vapor Active, a dynamic ironing board with a heated, breathable surface, together with its ‘Accademia’ (‘Academy’) ironing project.

Launch of B-lok, the first ladder feet to have suckers that “attach” the ladder to the ground, making it secure.

Framar celebrates its 50th anniversary

Launch of the new Framar website: www.framahome.eu


The FRAMAR brand was born in 1963specialising in leisure equipment, particularly swings and porch swings. In the space of only a few years, the first company logo was created after production evolved more towards household steel ladders and ironing boards: the logo depicted a ladder and an ironing board leaned up against each other, together propping up the world.

The role of the Framar products in this logo is very symbolic indeed. Perhaps stylistically speaking not the most handsome of logos, it was certainly full of important intrinsic meaning. Quality, Italian products and one of the first brands to really enter Italian households. Then the 1970s came along, with their economic boom, widespread TV and radio and advertising that really started to take hold. In this context, the brand needed a stronger and more clear identity.

Armando Testa, known still today as one of Italy’s greatest creative minds, was given the brief to think up a FRAMAR logo that would embody the strength, robustness, practicality and manageability of its products.

This is how FRAMAR’s current symbol and brand, now over 40 years old, was born - the symbol affectionately known as the little winged elephant. In a stroke of brilliance, Testa managed to create a logo depicting, in its simplicity, the characteristics of FRAMAR’s products. The robustness of the elephant, a strong, stable animal, that is given wings – a symbol of lightness, of manageability.

FRAMAR has invested in brand identity in order to strengthen relationships with its consumer base. In addition to the reassurance provided by the Made in Italy stamp on our products, our consumers can also find innovation and safety as well as a product performance guarantee and future assistance.